Police and Fire


VISION:           Protect with Purpose Serve with Pride!


VALUES:         Duty  Service  Honor  Respect  Integrity


It is the mission of the Dalworthington Gardens Department of Public Safety to uphold the constitutional rights of all people while maintaining law and order in our community. We will protect with purpose and serve with pride all people we encounter with the highest level of competency and professionalism in accordance with our core values.  

Dalworthington Gardens is a comprehensive Public Safety organization. Our personnel are cross-trained, meaning they are certified in any combination of the Police, Fire, and EMS fields. Our police vehicles are equipped with firefighting supplies, medical supplies, and essential police equipment necessary to provide superior service, fast response times, multifaceted lifesaving services to our community.

We provide unique services to our citizens, such as:

    • Complimentary Alarm Monitoring
    • Fire Safety Inspection and Prevention Program
    • Housewatch/Close Patrol