Gas Well and Compressor Sites

Landowner Mineral Rights

Landowners must reach out to  gas well administrators directly for management of mineral rights. Please call BKV Landowner Relations directly at 1-833-258-5263 or email 



Midstream Statement for September 21, 2021 Site Maintenance

Both BKV Energy and Summit Midstream operate sites within the city limits. BKV has one pad site. Summit Midstream has a compressor station, two valve yards, one valve pew, and one well pew. 

DFW Midstream – DWG #1 Compressor Station

DFW Midstream is proud to partner with the City of Dalworthington Gardens to address any potential concerns from within the community we operate. This facility compresses gas, sends it through dehydration and then delivers the odorless dry gas to transmission pipeline companies. Transmission pipelines then deliver the gas to a distribution company where it is odorized with mercaptan and delivered to homes and businesses for end use. (Note: Mercaptans smell like rotten eggs and are added to the gas as a safety feature allowing end users to detect the presence of gas.)

If an odor is detected from our compressor station, it is likely to be vent gas released as part of our dehydration process or from tanks that periodically vent when our gathering pipeline system is being pigged (process of sending a cleaning tool through our pipelines). These are authorized emissions and operations for this type of facility and are permitted and regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Additionally, DFW Midstream maintains the creek along the boundary of our property on a quarterly basis. It should be noted that we do not discharge into the creek and any potential odors associated with the creek are related to another source.

DFW Midstream remains in compliance with all applicable regulations. Given community concerns and communications with the city, we have proactively begun an engineering and construction evaluation of the feasibility of installing vapor combustion equipment at the station. We expect that evaluation to be completed soon and DFW Midstream will keep the city updated on our findings.

All DFW Midstream’s assets are monitored 24/7 by an operations control center which meets all federal requirements under the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Should an issue arise at the compressor station, our control room operators will receive an alarm, and appropriate action will be taken to minimize any potential impacts to the health and safety of the community and our employees.

DFW Midstream makes the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate our number one priority. We look forward to continued open dialogue with the City of Dalworthington Gardens to find common ground solutions to issues impacting the community.