Cathy Stein

City Council
Title: Alderman Place 3
Phone: 817-265-3439
cathy stein

I began attending council meetings in the early 90s. I was prompted to do so because there were rumors that a developer was trying to get approval for a subdivision that would allow more houses on the acreage he had than our ordinances allowed. While from a personal standpoint I would have loved to see all of the open spaces in DWG stay that way, I also recognize that owners of property have the right to develop their land within the context of standards put in place by its citizens. What they do not have a right to do is to develop something that goes against city ordinances and zoning. I decided I needed to become an informed citizen and attend council meetings. I learned that other meetings such as P&Z were important to attend on this issue too. Ultimately the city's appointed and elected officials on P&Z and council made sure that our ordinances were followed when the land was developed. During this time I realized that I found the work of P&Z and council to be very interesting and let the mayor know that I would be interested in serving if an opening came up. I continued to attend council meetings to keep abreast of what was going on. After a while I was offered a seat on ZBA. I accepted and started down my winding path of community involvement in DWG.

Beginning with that appointment, I have previously served on ZBA (2 yrs), P&Z (6 yrs), Council (2 yrs) and Park Board (4 yrs). I am currently serving on P&Z (reappointed 2015), the Historical Committee since its inception and PRFDC. I was awarded DWG Volunteer of the Year in 1995. In addition to serving in these official capacities I have volunteered my time to help at or coordinate many events in Gardens Park such as Gardens' Gatherings, the 75th and 80th celebrations, Trunk or Treat, Trout Day and plant swaps. I have volunteered my time as liaison between eagle scout candidates and the city to coordinate projects that would benefit the park and I have done my share of planting, weeding and other tasks in the park and the city hall grounds.

Over the years I have been honored to be able to give input to the city in a variety of roles that have had a positive impact. I am a problem solver with a proven track record of good ideas becoming reality. Thanks to the citizens of DWG for electing me your next Alderman, Place 3.

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