Residents and Neigbors of Ambassador Row Area

   Further road construction activites will begin soon.  Please click on the

   following link for street excavation and paving:  Construction update


  DWG 80th Anniversary Celebration:

   There will be lots of information coming out in the next few weeks so

   keep checking back to see the latest news.

   Schedule of events:  80th Celebration Schedule

   Planning to get involved in some of the 80th celebration events, maybe the 

   Oldtimers Dinner or a game of softball? Click the following link for the

   reservation form: Event Registration form

   If you plan to participate in the DWG Dash, click the following link for the  

   registration form and more information about the race. 

   DWG Dash Race form or go to

   You can now purchase your 80th Anniversary T-Shirt at City Hall.




  City Clean Up Day:  Saturday, June 25,

  9:00 am-2:00 pm. 

   This year’s city clean up day will include the Fort Worth Crud Cruiser & 

   American Shredding Company. The shredding company will be onsite from

   9:00am-12:00pm ONLY. The City of Fort Worth’s Crud Cruiser will be on site

   to help DWG citizens get rid of household hazardous waste, from 9:00am-

   11:00am ONLY. The capacity of the Crud Cruiser is limited, so events may

   end earlier than advertised. Events may also be cancelled in the event of rain.

   In either case, please do not leave household hazardous waste and chemicals

   in the parking lot.  Commercial, business or industrial waste cannot be

   accepted under Texas regulations.  To see what type of items the Crud Cruiser

   will accept, please visit

 Election Process Information

  The City of Dalworthington Gardens has been under contract with the Tarrant

  County Elections Administration for the entire election process for many years.

  The Mayor and City Council call the election in January in a public City Council

  meeting.  The City Secretary’s office accepts applications from persons filing

  for office.  From those applications the City Secretary prepares the wording

  for the ballots and submits the wording to Tarrant County Elections

  Administration for ballot preparation.  Tarrant County Elections Administration

  produces the ballots. The Mayor, City Council and City Staff do not have access

  to ballots before, during or after elections.  Tarrant County Elections

  Administration selects the Election Judges and the Election Clerks.  Tarrant

  County Elections Administration provides election equipment.  The equipment

  is tested and locked by Tarrant County Elections Administration staff before it

  is delivered to the voting site.  The Mayor, City Council and City Staff are not

  given keys or passwords to operate the voting equipment.  The voting

  equipment is not connected nor does it operate off the City server or other

  City lines.  The Election Judges and Clerks are the only ones with access to

  ballots and the voting equipment during the elections.  Early voting is

  conducted primarily off-site.  Election  results are counted by the Tarrant

  County Elections Administration and the results emailed to City Staff from the

  Tarrant County Elections Administration in Fort Worth. The same results are

  posted on the Tarrant County Elections Administration website and available

  for public viewing.  The final election results are emailed from Tarrant County

  Elections Administration and used by the City Secretary to prepare the

  canvassing item on City Council agenda following the election.

  May 7, 2016 General Election Information:

   Candidate applications and forms will be located in the lobby of City Hall

   beginning Wednesday, January 20, 2016.  Candidate packets have been 

   provided below as well as instructions on candidate forms.  For election,

   candidate information and filing schedules, please visit the following websites:

   Tarrant County- Elections

   Texas Ethics Commission

   Texas Secretary of State


  Candidate packets

  Instructions- Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer By a Candidate (CTA)

  Instructions- Amended Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer By a Candidate   


  Instructions- Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report (C/OH)

  Instructions- Candidate C/OH Report of Unexpended Contributions

  May 7, 2016-  Election Law Calendar

  May 7, 2016 Candidates and the order they will appear on the ballot is as 



  Michael R. Tedder

  Kimberly Fitzpatrick

  Alderman, Place 1:

  Mark McGuire

  Alderman, Place 2:

  Guy B. Snodgrass

  Bob Harvey

  Are you registered to vote?  If you're not sure, click the link below:

  Early voting will begin Monday, April 25, 2016.  Click the link below for

  a list of early voting locations.

  Early Voting


  Elkins Lake Dam Inspection Report

   Please click on the following link to read the report:  Dam Inspection



 Water restriction notice:

  The City is still under Stage 1 water restrictions in compliance with the City  of

  Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District.  The primary focus of Stage

  1 actions is to significantly reduce outdoor watering, which can account for as

  much as 50 percent of the daily residential water used during the summer.

  Stage 1 limits outdoor watering with an irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler

  to a maximum of two assigned days per week for all customers. Residential

  customers whose addresses end in odd numbers  (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9) are permitted

  to water lawn and landscapes only on Thursdays and Sundays.  Addresses ending

  in even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8 or 0) may water on Wednesdays and Saturdays

  only.  Non-residential customers, including apartments, businesses, parks and

  common areas, can water only on Tuesday and Fridays. No watering is allowed

  on Mondays.

  The time of day restriction, which prohibits outdoor watering with sprinklers

  between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., continues to be in effect.

  Watering by hand-held hose, drip irrigation or soaker hose is allowed at any

  time. Residents are encouraged to limit such watering to a maximum of two

  hours per day. 

  Other Stage 1 measures include the following.

  • Vehicle washing is limited to the use of hand-held buckets and a hose with a positive shutoff valve. Vehicles may be washed at any time at a carwash.
  • No hosing of buildings or other structures for purposes other than fire protection.
  • Encouraging no hosing of paved areas, such as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, etc.
  • Encouraging hotels, restaurants and bars to serve water only upon request.
  • Establishing new turf is discouraged, and a variance is required to do so.


   Dam Inspection Response from TCEQ 

     click the following link to read response:TCEQ Response

  **Citizen reported run-off around Pappy Elkins. The run-off was tested. 

  Click on the link below to view the results.

  Pappy Elkins run-off test results

    2015 Compromise Settlement and Release Agreement

    Click the following link to view:  Agreement

  Inspections of the XTO pad site are being

  completed on a montly basis.  To view

  the inspection reports, click on the links  


   March 2016 inspection report

   February 2016 inspection report

   January 2016 inspection report

   December 2015 inspection report

   November 2015 inspection report

   October 2015 inspection report

   August 2015 inspection report

   July 2015 inspection report

   June 2015 inspection report

    May 2015 inspection report

   April 2015 inspection report

    March 2015 inspection report

    February 2015 inspection report

    January 2015 inspection report

   Photos from January inspection

    December 2014 Insepection Report

    November 2014 Inspection Report

     Oil & Gas Inspector Notes

    Oil & Gas Inspector final inspection