Comprehensive Plan

Dalworthington Gardens is an oasis in the vast suburban sprawl that is southwest Arlington. It is an enclave of larger lot residential development that has evolved from the utopian New Deal concept of individual self-sufficient homesteads. From this rural agrarian origin, the residents prefer to refer to the city as simply “The Gardens”. In recent years, The Gardens has experienced increased demands for development within the city. Smaller, higher density residential lots continue to develop all around the city, in Arlington. Apartments have been built along the western city limit of The Gardens. Commercial development along Pioneer Parkway has changed, as the commercial focus for this area of the county has shifted to the Parks Mall. The construction of the Bowen Road connection has brought traffic congestion and development pressures to be dealt with.

Conditions and attitudes are dramatically different than they were 18 years ago when the current Comprehensive Plan was drafted in November 1986. There were numerous issues to be addressed at that time and the approval process for the plan spanned almost two and a half years (approved by City Council August 21, 1989). Many of the same issues are still present and amplified by the intensifying development pressure. Several of the key policies of the previous plan, such as the connection of the Bowen Road, widening of Bowen Road and Arkansas Lane, and implementation of capital improvements to the water distribution system, were completed. This Comprehensive Plan Update takes the basic concepts from the previous Comprehensive Plan, that have guided the city for the last 15 years, and validates the underlying values and fine tunes the recommendations for future development. This Comprehensive Plan was updated to provide direction and to ensure quality and orderly development in the future.
The Comprehensive Land Use Plan includes the future land use map exhibit and the accompanying text, which forms the basis of the plan drawing and provides parameters for future urban design.

The purpose of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan is to give direction for the future development of the city. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan should provide a vision of what the city aspires to be, a road map to guide decisions to achieve that vision, and a measuring stick to evaluate progress towards that vision. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan covers the entire jurisdiction of the municipality and has a long time horizon, typically 20 years.

The Comprehensive Plan was updated and approved on March 17, 2005, view the Comprehensive Plan (PDF).